Welcome to the John Lyall Charity

John Lyall Charity provides educational and community programmes for street children and families in Wawa, a shanty town in the Philippines.

JLC’s projects have the following aims:

  • Raising awareness of child protection, health and hygiene to enable children and families to stay safe and healthy
  • Providing educational and nutritional support to help young people to reach their full potential
  • Offering relevant livelihood skills development to adults to encourage self- sufficiency
  • Coordinating social activities to build community resources and relations
  • Providing additional relief and support in response to natural disasters.

We believe in empowering the people of Wawa to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

Current JLC projects include

  • A pre-school programme for under fives to have a safe place to play and learn, to help their socal development and enable them to progress to school
  • A school nutrition programme to support children to finish their education
  • Livelihood courses to teach locally employable skills to adults.

JLC also works to raise awareness of important issues such as hygiene, nutrition and child protection, to keep people in Wawa safe and improve their wellbeing. JLC has built a community resource centre in Wawa to house our projects and provide a safe place for the community to meet and learn.

Thanks to our supporters…

Meann has completed a university degree and gained employment – Marc is no longer malnourished – Josephine has learnt to read and write – Rinalyn can smile and Jean Luc has a safe place to play and learn.

 And they all have hope for the future.

But we still need your help to improve more lives.