Building bridges of hope for flood victims

Serious flooding in Wawa has caused damage to homes and presented a serious health risk from dengue fever, caused by stagnant water which is not expected to fully drain until November. Some families have been evacuated but many remain trapped in the area, cut off by the waist-high water. JLC, along with local Baranguay council members, have built a temporary bridge to allow access to our centre. 

The centre was built to withstand extreme weather conditions and intended to be a place of refuge and safety in the event of natural disasters. For those who can get there, our creche continues to run. For those who can’t, JLC is distributing relief packs. This includes food, clothing and sleeping mats for those who have suffered damage to their homes and livelihoods.We will also be distributing over-the-counter medicines and sanitation products to treat minor illnesses and aim to prevent mosquito bites and other illnesses caused by contaminated water. A longer-term aim will be supporting people to regain independence as they re-build their homes and livelihoods.