Wawa reaches out to fellow Filipinos

JLC was shocked and saddened at news of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the worst typhoons ever recorded, causing widespread destruction to areas of the Visayan Islands of the Philippines last weekend. The scenes that have been reaching the world’s media since are truly devastating. The loss of homes, livelihoods and loved ones can’t fail to touch us – especially poignant when in many cases it is those who already live in poverty who lose everything. But the one thing not lost is human compassion and resilience; qualities which Filipino people have demonstrated every time a natural disaster has struck. JLC’s project manager in the Philippines has recently received donations of clothing from the UK; donations which were to be distributed to families in Wawa at Christmas. However, the people of Wawa, fortunately safe from the effects of this typhoon, have expressed a wish for the clothes to be sent to the Visayas as part of the humanitarian aid efforts. This attitude of giving to those in greatest need from those who live in poverty themselves is truly inspiring. If you can help the relief efforts financially in any way, please donate to one of the many major aid appeals set up, via Oxfam, World Vision and the DEC, to name a few. Every penny can help rebuild shattered lives. Thank you.