Walking on sunshine

Once again the JLC Walkers have undetaken their annual 10k sponsored walk, and once again the sun shone! We have raised £628.75 to date, which has exceeded our expectations and will go a long way to continuing to increase health, happiness and life chances for people in Wawa.


This money equates to any of the following:

Maintaining the Early Years Education programme for four months; giving under fives a safe place to play and learn and engaging parents in the value of education (as opposed to children left vulnerable begging to supplement family income)

Feeding 100 malnourished children in school for two months; improving their academic attainment and relieving the feeding burden on large families

Running three child protection workshops for parents, children and teachers

Facilitating three months’ of livelihood skills courses to teach adults locally employable skills to support their families and build self sufficiency in the community.

Thank you to all our generous supporters.