JLC building grows with our projects

The JLC community centre has now been fully operational for 4 years and we have been delighted to see it become a real focal point for the community of Wawa, used and maintained by local residents. During this time, we have significantly expanded our project offering and over the past year, JLC’s project manager in Wawa has observed how the space is used and how we could further utilise this to greater benefit. The Centre is our greatest asset and is at the heart of all of the projects we provide, and we need it to grow and develop with the charity and the community of Wawa.

JLC therefore applied to the Jephcott Charitable Trust, who funded the original building, for a grant to extend the Centre. We were delighted to be successful and the building work is now complete. The modifications include:

  • A new ground floor multipurpose hall to accommodate more participants at events such as health and hygiene workshops, and fundraisers.
  • A new ground floor kitchen and conversion of the old first floor kitchen into another workspace to be used for the Early Childhood Education programme.
  • Covering the upper floor terrace space so that it can be fully utilised as another workspace.
  • A new perimeter fence and fire escape to ensure the safety and security of Wawa residents using the Centre.

The completion of the new multipurpose hall has already enabled JLC to hold a Christmas festival community gift giving and feeding event in December 2016 and a fundraising talent show for the community in January 2017. The new hall will also allow us to accommodate more livelihood classes onsite – our next planned courses will be in cosmetology and welding; teaching locally employable skills which are in current demand. The new workspaces will allow us to increase our intake on the Early Childhood Education programme, which currently has a waiting list. JLC would like to sincerely thank Jephcott Charitable Trust for their continued support, which is enabling us to improve more life opportunities in Wawa.


Our new multipurpose hall